China rotating troops daily at Ladakh standoff sites, Indian soldiers dig in

The Indian Army is dealing with the harsh winters much better than the Chinese troops – with China rotating its soldiers daily on frontline positions as the Indian Army troops dig in.

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Pitted against each other for over seven months now, the Indian soldiers are faring better than the Chinese troops when it comes to braving the extreme temperatures.

Top government sources have told Aajtak and India Today TV that the Chinese soldiers are getting rotated daily on frontline positions due to issues faced because of the winters while the Indian troops are digging in there for longer periods.

The trend can be seen on frontline positions on strategic heights where the two sides are sitting opposite each other for the last three months on the southern bank of Pangong Tso and some areas of the northern bank.

The Indian Army troops are surviving and doing well in winters as most of them are used to extreme temperatures in high-altitude locations like western Ladakh and Siachen glacier.

India has also fulfilled the supply of winter clothing as Americans have supplied 30,000 of these clothing sets under emergency procurement.

The Indian Army maintains a stock of 60,000 of these extreme cold weather clothing sets for troops deployed in the entire Ladakh region, including both on the western front in the Siachen and the eastern Ladakh sector.

This year, there was an additional requirement of around 30,000 of these sets as close to 90,000 troops are deployed in the region in view of the conflict and standoff with the People’s Liberation Army along the LAC.

The emergency acquisition of the extreme cold weather clothing will help the Indian Army troops to see through the harsh winters in the Ladakh sector.

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