Check your PNR status, journey details on Whatsapp; here’s step-by-step guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world around us. Travelling has become really difficult with infection and increasing caseloads everywhere. Taking this situation into consideration, Railofy has launched a new feature that allows users to get real-time PNR Status and Train Journey Information via WhatsApp.

This feature will let users check their PNR status, real-time train status, previous and upcoming railway station and much other information. 

Railofy has claimed that its new feature is “aimed at introducing convenience to the overall time-consuming and tiring experience of searching for PNR status and other train information like train delays, live station alerts, etc on multiple apps and websites.”

Here is how one can check PNR status as well as real-time train journey information via WhatsApp:

1. Update the WhatsApp app on your phone. Android users can update the app from Play Store and iPhone users can update it from the App store.

2. Now save “+91-9881193322”, which is Railofy’s train enquiry number on your mobile phone. By doing this, the contact will be added to your WhatsApp contacts list.

3. Now go to WhatsApp and tap on the new message button in order to open your contacts list.

4. You can choose the Railofy contact and then type in your 10 digit PNR number in the message window.

5. Once you send the PNR number to Railofy, it will keep you updated in real-time about the train status via WhatsApp.

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