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ChatGPT iOS App Launched In India


ChatGPT iOS App Launched In India

OpenAI on Friday said its iOS app was now available in India along with many other countries including Brazil, Pakistan, Mexico and Canada.

The ChatGPT maker had rolled out the AI chatbot app for iOS users in the US last week. It is being reported that the app in its first week has garnered over half a million downloads.

The app has been launched for iOS users at zero cost.

On Friday, OpenAI rolled out ChatGPT app to iOS users to over 30 countries.

The wildly popular chatbot can sync iOS user’s history across devices and integrates ‘Whisper,’ OpenAI’s open-source speech-recognition system, enabling voice input.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT Plus subscribers will get exclusive access to GPT-4’s capabilities, early access to features and faster response times, on iOS.

OpenAI had launched ChatGPT Plus online in India in March. These subscribers get several benefits including general access to ChatGPT even during peak times, faster response times and priority access to new features and improvements.

The subscription plan was launched in the US in February, where people got to use the premium version of the chatbot via invitation initially. The AI chatbot was made available in India at the same price of USD 20 per month, as availed in the US.

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