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Carving their niche: The Whole Nine Yards bring Kashmiri craft ‘Tilla Dozi’ to centre stage



Carving their niche: The Whole Nine Yards bring Kashmiri craft ‘Tilla Dozi’ to centre stage

Fashion is an art, it’s a medium of self-exploration and self-realisation and living an impact with your creativity. From travel experiences to authenticity, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS built up. The Whole Nine Yards brings luxury from the roots of tradition, The Classical craft of Kashmir “Tilla Dozi” entails their signature collection.

The Whole Nine Yards means everything you can possibly have, want or desire which came into existence in February 2023 in Mumbai. Specialize in Indian ethnic wear, Brand believes in slow fashion, sustainability and creating timeless pieces, which can be passed on to future generations.

The Founder and Creative Director of The Whole Nine Yards, Neha Chawla pursued Fashion and Luxury Business from IFA Paris and did her Engineering from Nagpur University. She always had a natural inclination towards fashion. She is an avid traveller which helps her to detox and keeps her creativity alive. Her travel experiences inspire the mood board for her exclusive collection. Within a month since the brand launched, they were featured on the cover of Fablook magazine, a monthly fashion, fitness and a lifestyle magazine. It was a great start to journey in the fashion industry.

The words – ‘The Whole Nine Yards’ arouse feelings of blissfulness and being complete at the same time. Their designs espouse beauty and elegance and make women feel beautiful when they don the outfits. The Whole Nine Yards believes in giving equal opportunities to everyone associated with the brand. It empowers their artisans, weavers, dyers, employees, as well as customers.

Being an Entrepreneur, Neha believes you have to wear many professional hats. Right from being an accountant, a developer, an IT specialist, a marketer to a project manager, a promoter, or a salesperson. Initially building a team to work with – the artisans, employees and winning the trust of customers were few challenges brand faced. Starting a business can definitely be a challenging and multifaceted endeavour. With hard work, dedication, and a bit of creativity, any startup can overcome these challenges and achieve success.

 Travelling to different parts of India since childhood and experiencing new cultures has been a huge inspiration and has enhanced her creativity. The founder’s small advice to all the young entrepreneurs is “Trusting yourself, being patient and not giving up” are the keys to success in the fashion industry.” No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.

The brand aims to create authentic crafts from across the world and provide sustainable livelihoods to the artisans.

Historical and traditional art of Kashmir introduced in their very first collection ‘Kamal E Dil’ is an emotion and an acceptance of what there is and a celebration of what they are given. Colours are an integral part of their designs. Fabrics are dyed keeping romance and richness in mind. Each colour has its own significance. In the future, they would come up with ‘Kani’ work which is another type of embroidery originated from Kashmir.

Their best seller is the ‘Mastani’ Ivory saree. Its perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional style which made it very popular with their customers.

Their new collection ‘Kamal E Dil 2.0’ will have lot more to offer apart from sarees. There will be Kaftans, suits with their signature embroidery.

They create timeless pieces. The Tilla work Hand embroidery that takes 200 to 220 hours to create single piece, timeless and rich craftsmanship from the village of Kashmir is one of their most unique offerings. That’s truly remarkable! Keeping timeless pieces alive is incredibly important to culture and history.

Every new product does take a while to find its place in the market but if it’s truly unique and authentic it will definitely find its way. They focus on strengthening vision and language that makes life-long customers and create brand loyalty. Brand loyalty comes from creating a connection with customers that extends beyond just the product or service you are offering. It includes consistently delivering high-quality products that meet their needs, engaging with them in a way that aligns with the brand values and vision, and offering exceptional customer service.

To strengthen the connection with the customers, it is also important to foster an online community that shares their passion for unique, authentic, and artisanal products. So, they currently only retail through their own social media page and website Soon you can find them on multi designer online stores.

The brand ships Pan India. As all their orders are made to order and hand embroidered it takes about 8-10 weeks for the delivery. They also provide worldwide shipping.

Explore their latest collection now and select your favourite one and make it yours!!

Social media handle links –

Instagram: @thewholenineyardsofficial


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