BJP should stop daydreaming about toppling MVA govt in Maharashtra, says NCP

NCP Spokesperson Mahesh Tapase said the BJP should now stop daydreaming about toppling the Mahavikas Aghadi government in Maharashtra after the BJP suffered a major jolt in the state Legislative Council polls.

NCP Spokesperson Mahesh Tapase

NCP Spokesperson Mahesh Tapase said the Maharashtra electorate has rejected the BJP in council polls and that the party should now stop daydreaming about toppling the Mahavikas Aghadi government in the state.

Tapase said BJP President Chandrakant Patil and former CM Devendra Fadanvis could not hold their own forts in Pune and Nagpur respectively. “The educated voter has realised that BJP cannot take Maharashtra forward and all tall claims made by National BJP leadership about economic growth are false.” he said.

NCP also asserted that the MVA government had handled the corona crisis in the most efficient manner whereas the opposition BJP was busy defaming the government.

“Maharashtra electorate has hit back to all those BJP stooges who defamed Maharashtra. The defeat of BJP in the upper house signals the changing mood of the electorate,” added Tapase.

Congress too has reacted sharply to MVA legislative council victory. Congress leader Sachin Sawant said the victory was the beginning of the end of BJP. He added that the policies of the BJP have been discarded by the youth of the state and hence such a result.

“Fadnavis had said the count of BJP would soon reach from 105 to 150 but look what’s happened. This is a verdict against the Modi government. The main reason for the formation of MVA was that democracy had suffered a jolt at the hands of BJP and hence to counter the BJP these parties had to come together,” Sawant said.

Further drawing an analogy to Bollywood blockbuster Amar Akbar Anthony the Congress leader said the trio of Amar Akbar Anthony (Sena, Congress and NCP) has defected Robert Saith (BJP) and this trend will continue in the days ahead as well.

“BJP couldn’t even hold its Nagpur fort which it had under its wing for more than 50 years.” Sawant further added that the Modi government had failed on the economic front and there is a great chunk especially the youth who have been hurt by the policies of the Central government.

The BJP leadership suffered a major jolt in the legislative council elections in Maharashtra. The party’s loss in the Pune graduates’ constituency is being talked about everywhere since two big names of Maharashtra BJP namely former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and senior leader Chandrakant Patil had campaigned hard to get hold of the constituency.

Chandrakant Patil before being elected for the assembly in 2019 represented the Pune graduates’ constituency. It’s the NCP which has now won the Aurangabad and Pune graduates’ constituency of the state legislative council.

Results of some constituencies are awaited.

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