Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Highlights: Sanam gets evicted, Kamal asks Nisha to be her true self

After a highly dramatic week, the Sunday weekend episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan was expected to be nothing short of exciting and it did deliver on that front. Ulaganayagan started off the show by talking about Dr BR Ambedkar whose death anniversary was observed on the same day. He paid his tribute by saying that Ambedkar was the reason for achieving social justice in India. Kamal also remembered Nel Jayaraman, the man who dedicated his life for collecting, reviving and preserving traditional paddy varieties.

Later, the Viswaroopam star spoke to the contestants virtually and addressed issues that are bothering them.


Kamal Haasan asked Anita Sampath why she refused to take up the 10th position which was offered to her based on the performance in Call-Centre task. Anita told him that she deserved second or third position as her questions to the Call-Centre executive was to the point and was never out of context. Archana intervened and said that her friend Rio deserved first position in the game and he himself had spoke to her about it. She also said that she has difference of opinion with Aari claiming the first position.

Later, Kamal advised housemates to play a fair game and be cautious when it comes to choosing the most-deserving contestants.


When housemates were discussing on the secrecy maintained by a few on the ‘Health-Check Up’ task, Kamal surprised the in-mates by revealing that Nisha is saved from this week’s eviction. He also advised Nisha to show her real-self and be a little more expressive.


Kamal said that certain words which are spoken intentionally or unintentionally provoke a few housemates inside the BB house. While the word groupism affects Rio, the term ‘Bossy’ took a toll on Archana. Gabriella said that she playfully called Archana, Bossy Kumar, which had indeed affected her badly. Kamal intervened and questioned housemates about the origin of the word inside the house. He jokingly asked Ramya Pandian if she was the reason behind all of it. Ramya denied and said that she had only accused Archana of being sarcastic at times and not bossy. Kamal also asked Archana to take these things in a lighter vein as she has a lot of favourites inside the BB house.


Within few minutes, Kamal surprised the housemates by connecting a caller from the audience. A caller from Vizhupuram, questioned Shivani Natrajan about her disconnecting the call in the Call-Centre task, despite knowing that she will be nominated for the week’s elimination. Shivani was quick enough to reply that she cut the call intentionally to know the audience pulse and understand her position in the game. Post the call, Kamal announced that Aajeedh is saved from this week’s eviction. Rio and Som celebrated the moment by carrying Aajeedh on their shoulders. Anita Sampath and Sanam discussed about their chances of getting evicted this week.

Meanwhile, Kamal suggested a book titled Thoduvaanam Thedi, which might help women entreprenuers to take up small and micro businesses. He also said that housemakers contribute largely towards the economical growth of the country.


Kamal bid bye to the virtual audience and went on to annouce the week’s eviction. While Rio, Aari, Nisha and Archana said that they wanted Sanam to stay inside the house, Balaji extended his support for Shivani. As Kamal Haasan announced Sanam’s name from the cue card, many contestants got emotional.

Anita was inconsolable. Balaji, who often got involved in tiff with Sanam, apologised to her and said that she will miss picking up with fights with him outside the house. Sanam bid a teary goodbye to the participants and joined Kamal Haasan on stage. Kamal appreciated her for trying to speak good Tamil throughout the show and said that she has earned fame on the show. Sanam called Kamal her inspiration and said that he has always stood for what is right.

Sanam was given the opportunity to speak to the inmates virtually alongside Kamal. She called Rio and Som a sweetheart and Archana a born leader. Aari said that Sanam doesn’t deserve this eviction and should have been inside the house for a few more days.

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