Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Highlights: Kamal Haasan saves Aari and Ramya, exposes Balaji

Bigg Boss Season 4 host Kamal Haasan wanted to teach the contestants to play their individual game on the Saturday (December 5) episode. Welcoming everyone to the episode, Kamal Haasan said that the unprecedented rains were the talk of the town last week. He also spoke about the farmers protesting across the country and requested people to thank them when they eat their food. Kamal Haasan also pointed out that his ‘tips’ to the contestants fell on deaf ears. Then, the highlights of the Friday episode was aired.


Kamal Haasan questioned whether the contestants understood what the actual task was. Earlier this week, the contestants were split into two groups – callers and receivers. The callers should make the receivers cut the phone call before the buzzer.

He reminded the contestants that the finale is six weeks away and there are still 13 contestants on the show. Kamal pointed out that people are teaming up in twos for tasks and asked them to play their individual game.

Kamal applauded Rio for performing the task well and said that Balaji treated it like a confession. He also encouraged Nisha to display her intelligence during her stay in the house.

Last week, the contestants failed to complete the task and hence lost 2,000 points in the luxury budget. “I told you guys to play your individual games. You guys failed to do that and that’s why you have lost 2,000 points now,” he said.


Balaji Murugadoss lost his temper last week in a heated argument with Sanam and slapped himself with his slipper. Kamal Haasan said, “Balaji’s action scared me because he couldn’t show his anger on Sanam. He was on the verge of displaying his violence.”

He then questioned Archana and the other contestants for not standing by Sanam Shetty. Archana defended herself saying that she told Balaji what he did was wrong, but him apologising to Sanam is his personal choice.

Kamal Haasan had a word of advice to Balaji. He said, “This is almost a case of domestic violence. According to your story, you’ve been a victim of domestic violence. You should be a role model for people. I hope you understand this while you’re inside your house and keep your anger in check.”


Coming to the captaincy task last week, Balaji complained of foul play. While last week’s captain Rio explained himself, Balaji refused to accept it and said that the contestants, especially Aari, have been unfair in counting the blocks in the task. When Kamal Haasan asked him about the task, Balaji explained his stance.

The second kurumpadam (short clip) of the season was for Balaji Murugadoss, which proved that Rio took the right decision in the captaincy task.

Hinting at the previous fallouts with Aari, Kamal Haasan said, “Balaji has a mental block that Aari could be against him. It’s always my way or the highway for Balaji. Neither Aari nor Balaji did it intentionally. It is Balaji’s physical trait. Instead of repeatedly apologising, you (Balaji) could think before you act and avoid behaving in such a way.”

Balaji finally apologised for his mistake and also to Sanam. Archana, on behalf of the housemates, said sorry to Sanam Shetty for not standing up for her.


Shivani, Nisha, Aari, Anitha Sampath, Ramya Pandian, Aajeedh and Sanam Shetty are the seven contestants nominated for this week. Kamal Haasan asked them to go to the activity room to know who is safe. The spotlights fell on Aari and Ramya Pandian indicating that they have been saved this week by the audience.

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