Bigg Boss 14 Day 61 Written Update: Rahul locks horns with Eijaz, Nikki and Rubina

Bigg Boss 14 contestants woke up to the title song of Josh on the 61st day in the house. Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik were seen having a conversation over morning tea. Rubina looked disappointed with Jasmin Bhasin. Later, Rahul Vaidya was seen teasing Eijaz Khan. The duo got into an argument while doing the dishes. Eijaz felt it was derogatory of Rahul calling him ‘Chaman’. Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul are seen making fun of Eijaz.


Bigg Boss welcomed Bigg Boss 14 Challengers. First BB welcomed Vikas Gupta in the confession room. he said that contestants are playing with their brains but not using both their brain and heart. Rakhi said housemates can win hearts with entertainment. Arshi Khan said that fans judge on how real and fake the contestants are. Kashmera said that the contestant who is active should win the show.


Bigg Boss provided the housemates a punching bag in the activity area, where they had to stick the faces of the contestants they want to evict and punch it hard. First up was Nikki Tamboli. For Nikki, housemates said that she has been entertaining, made fake relationships in the house, hasn’t been real and was an active participant on the show. Nikki said that Rahul Vaidya doesn’t deserve to win the show as he hasn’t given 100 per cent in tasks. Nikki and Rahul got into a war of words.


For Eijaz Khan, housemates said that he was 50 per cent entertaining and made fake relationships. Rahul again got into an argument with Eijaz. Jasmin called him 100 per cent fake as his personality changes every week. Abhinav and Nikki called him real while others disagreed. Eijaz said that Jasmin doesn’t deserve to be a finalist. He called her an irritating kid and said that she doesn’t have her own opinion and her biggest character trait is that she is cute. The two got into a verbal fight.

For Abhinav Shukla, housemates said that he was strategic, lost chances, is boring, made real relationships and was real on the show. Everyone said that he was here to spend holidays while Eijaz said that he was on the show to make parathas. Abhinav said that he feels Rahul doesn’t deserve to be on the show.

For Jasmin Bhasin, housemates said that she was not strategic but a fool on the show. Rubina pointed out how Jasmin said sorry to Rahul in a week but she didn’t respect their two months friendship. She said that she was hurt by Rubina but she overreacted during her fight with Rahul. Nikki called her boring. Abhinav and Rubina said that she made real relationships in the house but said that she was a totally different person after Aly entered the show. She said that Eijaz doesn’t deserve to win the show and called him fake.

For Rubina Dilaik, housemates said that she wasn’t strategic, never lost a chance to prove herself and called her entertaining. Rahul said that she made fake relationships while Jasmin said that she is confused. Housemates said that she has been real on the show. Rahul said that she is not real on Weekend Ka Vaar.


Housemates called Rahul Vaidya entertaining. Rahul said that he only had one real relationship, which was with Aly. Housemates felt he was real on the show. Nikki accused Rahul of flirting with her PR. During the dinner time, Nikki told Rubina and Abhinav that Rahul doesn’t have a good reputation outside the house.

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