Bigg Boss 14 Day 59 Written Update: Aly Goni evicted, Kavita Kaushik walks out

Bigg Boss 14 house is no longer safe for the contestants as any time an eviction could happen. This is the Finale Week now and things are taking new twists and turns each day. The major highlight of this episode was Aly Goni getting evicted and Kavita Kaushik walking out of the house after an ugly spat with Rubina Dilaik. Indeed, two contestants were seen leaving in the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14.


In the episode, Aly Goni was evicted from the house. He and Jasmin Bhasin were unsafe as they had lost the task earlier. Bigg Boss had asked them to decide among themselves who should be leaving the house. After the announcement, Jasmin and Aly shared a very emotional time. The duo were seen crying inconsolably as they didn’t want to lose each other in the game.

Jasmine said, “I was on the verge of emotional breakdown before you came and I have spent a lot more time here. You should remain in the game. Everyone says you are a great player and the kind of targeting that happens in this game, affects me too much. I am too emotionally and mentally affected. I can smile and eat amid all this because of you.” Aly did not want to listen to her and declared he would go.

Bigg Boss then announced that Aly Goni was evicted. He cried and hugged everyone and asked them to take care of Jasmin. Jasmin kept crying and said that it was unfair that she stayed back. She said, “You are very stubborn, you always force me to agree with you.” Aly replied, “I promise this is the last time.”

Later, she went to the bathroom and sobbed for her friend. Rahul Vaidya tried to console her.


Later, Bigg Boss announced a new task for the immunity named Shark Attack. Bigg Boss said to the contestants, “This is your last chance to show how passionate you are to win the show. You can become a finalist by showing passion. This task’s winner will become the finalist along with Eijaz.” Kavita then read the rules of the task.

The task was that each contestant had to sit on a boat set up in the garden area and the last contestant to stay on the boat will be the finalist. A shark would be attacking the boat meanwhile. The twist was that the contestants had to grab a chair in the boat before the other contestants or try to snatch a seat from others. Once they were on the boat, they weren’t allowed to get down during the task. They were also forbidden to force someone out of the chair. They can only convince them to lose it.


Kavita was the first one to lose it and got into an ugly spat with Eijaz Khan, who was the moderator of the task. It so happened that Eijaz adviced Kavita to give her best to the task and she replied that she didn’t have to learn the game from him. Rubina intervened and asked her to fight for the game too and accused her of losing the passion. Kavita responded saying she was not as desperate as to drag her marriage in the game. The task ended for the day.


Rubina and Kavita, who have not really clashed earlier, had a rather surprising and epic showdown this time. Kavita threatened Rubina that she will show her who is the real boss when she meets her outside the Bigg Boss house. Rubina didn’t take this threat lightly and entered into a heated argument with Kavita. They get physically close to each other while fighting.

Kavita also threatened Rubina to reveal some very personal and embarrassing things about Abhinav. Kavita asked Rubina, “Do you know your husband’s truth?” To which, Rubina replied, “Himmat hai to bol (Speak up if you have the courage).” Kavita said that she will speak once outside the house. Abhinav stood beside Rubina and asked, “What will you tell?” However, he did not interfere much between the two.

The fight further escalated to new levels and Rubina called Kavita nonsense and said that she didn’t want to know anything from her mouth. She further shouted at Kavita and said, “Ye jo gundagardi karti ho bahar karna mere samne mat karna.” The two contestants then asked each other to shut up.

Things got so serious that none of the housemates intervened, as the two kept accusing each other.


Bigg Boss had earlier said that the contestants were welcome to walk out after he had chided them for being non-entertaining. Kavita made use of this to exit the house and stormed out as she decided not to be in the same house with Rubina and Abhinav. The housemates were shocked over this, while Rubina shouted at her back, “You can only go to that level. You are selfish, worthless. She just left and that’s how Kavita Kaushik is. Ab vapas aegi apna thooka hua chatne (Now she will come back to lick her own spit).” Meanwhile, Nikki looked surprised that her friend in the house walked out and said, “She went?”

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