Bigg Boss 14 Day 58 Written Update: Aly and Jasmin to decide who should be evicted between them

This is the Finale Week of Bigg Boss 14 and the housemates know that only four among them will move forward in the game. The fear of eviction looms over every contestant and all of them are seen putting their best foot forward to win the show. Eijaz Khan is the first finalist of the TV reality show. In the recent episode, Bigg Boss introduced a new task, which was mentally challenging.


The task was that the housemates would be divided in pairs and they had to answer to some harsh and teekhe questions posed to them by their fellow contestants. If they don’t answer, they will be at the risk of elimination. It had to be completed in a limited time span (37 minutes per team). The task was named ‘tap a time’ as at the end of the round, Bigg Boss would announce the time each team took to finish the task.

The task soon turned ugly as several harsh questions were brought up in the house. To survive in the house and make their place in the top four, the contestants went all out against each other in the task.


Abhinav Shukla and Rubina were seen discussing strategy for the task. Soon, the couple locked horns with each other. They tried to make each other understand their point of view and exclaimed they needed to be heard. Finally, an angered Abhinav tells Rubina, “You think you are here to keep your point of views and I should simply follow you? You think you understood everything?”


When Aly Gony and Jasmin Bhasin took the podium, Kavita Kaushik and Nikki Tamboli completely overwhelm the two with some really biting questions to which they reply successfully. Nikki told Jasmin that she had no stand of herself and only did what Aly said. Kavita asked Jasmin, “When Aly gets married will you be stealing his shoes or will you be the bride.” To this Jasmin replied, “I will decide then.” Kavita then said that she was keeping herself on standby.

Kavita also targeted Aly for calling her ‘neech aurat’. Kavita asked Jasmin which side of her was real – the sweet one or the bold one.


Kavita and Nikki were next and were interrogated by Jasmin. She asked Kavita why she called her ‘gandi and ghatiya aurat’. Rubina asked Nikki if she purposely made a bond with evicted contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu. Nikki also revealed that she was hurt by Jaan’s eviction. Rahul also asked the two if they thought that Eijaz was deserving for the immunity stone. Abhinav asked Kavita why she gets into people’s personal space always. Eijaz was seen asking Kavita if she was apologetic for her nasty comments to others. The two then pressed the buzzer and left the task.


Eijaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya went next and they also faced questions about their behaviour on the show and about using other people for their advantage. Nikki asked Rahul about his opinions on the couple Abhinav and Rubina. She also asked him why he sent her voice notes and tried to flirt with her. Jasmin called Eijaz ‘nakli’ and manipulative and said that he changed personality every week. During the task, Eijaz also revealed his opinion that according to him, Shehzad was the worst personality on Bigg Boss 14.

When Aly asked Eijaz if he used Pavitra for the game, the latter said that he really liked her. And when Abhinav asked him to pick a winner, he takes Rubina’s name stating that she is classy and bold.


Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla face the toughest round of questioning. Nikki and Kavita accused them of using their personal issues to gain attention. They accuse them of faking their divorce story and revealing this on Bigg Boss 14 just to win the immunity stone. When Nikki asked Abhinav the reason for their separation, the latter replied saying, “It is our personal matter.” To this, Kavita attacked him saying, “Why did Rubina reveal it on national TV then.” She also questioned them if they are creating this drama intentionally on the show which made the couple speechless. They got really hurt and enraged by the allegations put against them.

This went on much longer after the game got over and Nikki and Abhinav get into an argument over it. Abhinav was seen fighting with Nikki and accusing her of showing her ‘cheap personality.’

In fact, the couple’s good friend Jasmin also targeted them. She taunted Rubina for dominating Abhinav and always controlling him.


At the end of the task, Bigg Boss announced everyone’s score. Kavita and Nikki pressed the buzzer 5 mins before the given target. Aly and Jasmin pressed the buzzer 20 mins ahead of the target. Abhinav and Rubina pressed the buzzer four minutes above the target. Rahul and Eijaz were the closest as they were only a minute behind the target.

Since Jasmin and Aly were the farthest from the target, they get in the danger zone. Bigg Boss then asked the duo to mutually decide who will leave the BB 14 house.


After Bigg Boss’s announcement, Jasmin and Aly shared a very emotional time, as they see the possibility of either of them being evicted from the house. The duo were seen crying inconsolably as they didn’t want to lose each other in the game.

Aly was seen telling Jasmin that he is ready to leave because he has won her and needs nothing else now. Jasmin kept crying and said that she did not want to play the game without him. However, Aly asked her to not stop him from leaving the house if she loved him. Aly said, “I entered the BB 14 to see you win Jasmin.” To which Jasmin said, “You win the game.” They kept hugging each other.

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