Belgians can invite four people for Christmas party. Only one can use the bathroom

The pandemic has ruined the holidays. But in Belgium, it has made the government to think of implementing weird rules that the people will have to follow while celebrating Christmas with their loved ones this year. In Belgium, though people will be allowed to celebrate Christmas dinner with a few people, only one lucky guest will be allowed to use the bathroom. Yes, you read that right.


According to a report by The Washington Post, people in Belgium can invite few people to their homes for Christmas dinner. But if the authorities have a say in the matter, only one selected person will be allowed to use the washroom.

The one guest, who is allowed to use the washroom, will be chosen as a close contact and will be allowed inside the house. Whereas, other guests will be banned from going inside for any reason, including grabbing a drink or food. So, if one would have the urge to go to the washroom, they will have to leave for their home.

Additionally, non-essential stores have also been opened for Christmas shopping, and social gatherings have been allowed with four people in the outdoors.

Reportedly, the four-people rule will be applied for Christmas celebrations, so that people who show up at other people’s backyard parties do not end up spending time indoors. Moreover, people inviting guests over their homes for celebrations will need to have a garden or backyard that can be accessed without walking through the house. Therefore, if one does not have a backyard, they cannot have guests over at their place.

Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden told Het Laatste Nieuws, “You are not allowed to go through an interior space first, because then there is a risk that many people will be together in a small space.”

All these rules are part of broader shutdown regulations, that were imposed in the country at the beginning of November. These will be extended till February. The rules also include the practice of cuddle contact, which means that a person who lives alone will be allowed to have physical contact with only one person outside of their household.

Belgium, till now, has reported more coronavirus-related deaths per capita than any other nation, and a higher rate of infection than all but three other countries, The Washington Post said.

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