Bangladesh relocates over 1,600 Rohingya refugees to Bhasan Char island

Seven ships of the Bangladesh Navy, which departed from Chittagong Patenga jetties carrying the first batch of Rohingya refugees (1642 people), arrived at Bhasan Char Island on Friday. The ships reached the Noakhali island around 2 pm.

The security analyst terms this relocation as the great success of the Bangladesh government. They said that it will accelerate the process of permanent repatriation of Rohingya Refugee in Myanmar, besides closing all geopolitical game by Western countries.

Around 10.15 am on Friday, ships sailed towards destination from Chittagong Jettis. On Thursday, Rohingya Refugees headed for Chattogram by bus from Ukheya Refugee camp. They took shelter Thursday night at a temporary transit camp located at Bangladesh Naval Ready Response Bath Jetty and field of BF Sahin College.

In August 2017, around 7.5 lakh Rohingya Refugees had fled to escape from torture by the Myanmar Army and took Shelter at Coxbazar, Bangladesh. Around 4 lakh had taken shelter before the incidence.

Around 11 lakh Rohingya refugees are living since then in 34 refugee camps in Bangladesh.

The government took initiative to reduce the crowd at Coxbazar camp due to hazy-environment, susceptible to sudden landslide and growing insecurity.

However, the refugees were reluctant to their relocation at Bhasan Char Island due to provocation by some national and international NGOs. At the beginning of September, some of the refugees agreed to get transferred after taking note of all the facilities provided by a representative from camp.

The project in Bhasan Char had started in 2018. Around 1500 buildings, with one roof, was built under the direct supervision of the Bangladesh Army.

There are also 120 multistoried buildings with all facilities — which will be used as a Cyclone shelter and official purpose. There’s also a school, a community centre and a hospital.

The facilities contain solar power for electricity supply, generator, cylinder gas for cooking, including many projects regarding income-generating activities for Rohingya and employment opportunities.

Meanwhile, the bilateral agreement made between Myanmar and Bangladesh has not been implemented yet due to reluctance of Myanmar to solve the Rohingya crisis.

Refugees were able to repatriate to Myanmar due to reluctance shown by the country, even as there were two repatriation chances.

‘Don’t undermine, misinterpret genuine efforts’

Bangladesh has urged its citizens to exercise utmost caution, not to undermine or misinterpret the genuine efforts of the government of Bangladesh, noting that the voluntary relocation of Rohingyas to Bhasan Char has become imperative to decongest the overcrowded camps in Cox’s Bazar.

“The Rohingyas are Myanmar nationals and they must return to Myanmar. The government of Bangladesh is doing its best for the safety and security of these temporarily sheltered Myanmar Nationals,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in a statement on Friday.

Bangladesh has encouraged human rights groups to put their efforts in creating a conducive environment in Myanmar for their quick, safe and dignified repatriation to their land of origin, Myanmar.

“The relocation has become imperative to decongest the overcrowded camps in Cox’s Bazar that have temporarily been accommodating nearly a million of Rohingyas with many more thousands born each year,” said the MoFA statement.

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