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Atmantan Wellness Centre announced the launch of ‘Atmantan Naturals‘, a health tech platform that will provide consultations and high efficacy herbal and nutritional supplements. The brand new range of nutraceutical supplements ‘Naturals’ were only available earlier for the in-house guests. Atmantan Naturals shall be a separate entity foraying into the commercial world.

“While the VUCA like situation continues in the immediate short future, we see our growth coming from our well-tech ventures like Atmantan Naturals and operations and management income from new properties,” said Nikhil Kapur, Founder & Director, Atmantan Naturals.

Naturals is aiming to add 40-50K clients in the first year. “Our concept and platform enable clients to remain loyal to the service and products and hence we do see repeat purchases. The average ticket size should be INR 1300. Naturals have big potential in India and overseas. While we have gone live with 15 products, we will be adding another 15 products soon,” Kapur stated.

Atmantan Wellness Centre is also actively involved in talks with a few properties that want to create more value for their guests by introducing wellness experiences. “Besides Atmantan Wellness Centre, Mulshi, we are in advanced talks with at least two hoteliers in India who want to convert their existing hotel into a wellness resort/centre. When we sign up these hotels, we will be their operating and management partners. This will see an additional revenue stream for us,” Kapur informed.

Kapur’s outlook on the wellness sector is strong however, what happens during the pandemic is critical. “Our focus remains on keeping our highly skilled and passionate team together. We have had a 100% success rate here. Also, we are communicating with our guests and understanding their view on the pandemic, how it’s changed their life and what they will expect from us when they visit us next,” he added.

Pandemic has manifold increased awareness of the need for being in good health. “For the first time we are seeing travellers who want to treat their chronic ailments and we are seeing guests from smaller cities travelling for a health holiday. It has thrown up opportunities especially in the tech space more prominently,” he believed.

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