Assam: AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal’s NGO booked for receiving ‘terror-linked foreign funds’

The BJP in Assam has demanded a CBI or NIA probe into a foundation run by Lok Sabha MP and All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) chief Badruddin Ajmal. According to the BJP, the foundation received funds from foreign agencies and NGOs allegedly linked to terror groups.

An NGO called Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has alleged that several Turkey and UK-based organizations have given Rs 69.55 crore to the Ajmal Foundation for promoting education, but only around Rs 2.05 crore of the total amount was reportedly spent on educational purposes.

Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) tweeted “#FCRAViolation Ajmal Foundation of @BadruddinAjmal got Rs 69.55 Cr for educn, used only Rs 2.05 Cr for it, rest routed for #AIUDF, to counter @himantabiswa’s #Hindutva juggernaut, #Turkish n UK terror grps funded it in crores! Wrote @HMOIndia for #FCRA cancellation.”

Assam BJP leader Mominul Awal said the CBI and NIA should take up the matter.

“A probe should be initiated against Badruddin Ajmal and his foundation as from which sources they have received funds and where they have spent it. Badruddin Ajmal has received funds from foreign agencies and it is very important to see how they have received funds and where they spent it. He is also an agarwood mafia and running its illegal business. The information about Badruddin Ajmal is coming out as he received Rs 70 crore and spent only Rs 2 crore on educational purposes and there are no details of other amount expenditure. A probe should be initiated against him. CBI and NIA should take it very seriously,” Mominul Awal said.

Meanwhile, Guwahati City Police have registered a case against the Ajmal Foundation after BJP leader Satya Ranjan Bora lodged a complaint in this regard against the foundation run by Badruddin Ajmal.

“Ajmal Foundation an organisation run by Moulana Badaruddin Ajmal, chief of AIUDF is being funded by some foreign agencies which are related to funding different terrorist groups and their terror activities as reported by an NGO Legal Rights Observatory LRO. Considering the report, we want proper investigation in this connection under unlawful activities prevention act. Ajmal Foundation has misused those funds in several anti-national activities,” Satya Ranjan Bora said in the complaint.

Satya Ranjan Bora alleged that Badruddin Ajmal is the father of Islamic terrorism in Assam and the Northeastern region.

“His only agenda is Islamization and they are working with this agenda. They are planning to make Assam a replica of Kashmir. Apart from Ajmal Foundation, Badruddin Ajmal’s other NGO Markazul Ma’arif had also received funds of Rs 54.60 crore from the foreign agencies. Seven foreign agencies, organizations, who had funded terrorist activities, the same agencies are funding Ajmal Foundation and Markazul Ma’arif. They are the core components of spreading Islamic terrorism in this area,” Satya Ranjan Bora said.

Bora also said that he will write a complaint against Ajmal Foundation and Markazul Ma’arif to the Enforcement Directorate, NIA, Union Home Ministry, Finance Ministry, Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) seeking necessary action.

“I had lodged an FIR against Ajmal Foundation in Guwahati and a case has been registered,” Satya Ranjan Bora said.

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