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AR Rahman & Organisers Slammed For Mismanagement After Nightmarish Chennai Concert


AR Rahman & Organisers Slammed For Mismanagement After Nightmarish Chennai Concert

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The Indian musician AR Rahman is one of the most loved musicians of the country and he is also one of the biggest crowd pullers as people throng in huge numbers wherever he holds a concert or live show. The same thing happened yesterday (10 September 2023) at Marakkuma Nenjam, East Coast Road, Chennai where a concert of AR Rahman took place but it is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Many people who had bought tickets after paying a thousand or two thousand rupees were not able to enter the concert and those who managed to get inside faced many issues due to the mismanagement of the organizers and Rahman’s team. There was audio issue as people were not able to listen properly, they were not able to see what’s happening on the stage and there are some reports as per which incidents of molestation, stampede, etc. also took place inside the venue.

Many fans took to X and slammed AR Rahman and the organizers for a pathetic show, here are some tweets:

AR Rahman has now responded in this matter in a tweet, “Dearest Chennai Makkale, those of you who purchased tickets and weren’t able to enter owing to unfortunate circumstances, please do share a copy of your ticket purchase to along with your grievances. Our team will respond asap @BToSproductions @actcevents”.

He also made an Instagram post in which he posted the screenshot of the tweet and captioned it as, “some people call me G.O.A.T …………let me be the sacrificial goat this time for all of us to wake up ..let chennai’s live art flourish with a world class infrastructure,increase in tourism, efficient crowd management,traffic management ,refining audiences to follow rules ..creating a safe and surreal experience for children and women ..Triggering a cultural renaissance at chennai celebrating our deserving ,illuminated local and international talent !”

What do you have to say about this matter?

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