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Apple’s iOS 17 Update: Know Key Features And Expected Delays


Apple’s iOS 17 Update: Know Key Features And Expected Delays

Apple’s highly anticipated iOS 17 update, expected to bring exciting new features and enhancements, will require iPhone users to exercise some patience as not all of its most exciting features will be available in the initial release.

As reported by Apple Hub on ‘X’ (formerly known as Twitter), the first version of iOS 17, scheduled for release on September 18 for iPhone Xs models, will not include all of the previously announced features. Instead, certain essential components will be introduced in subsequent updates, such as iOS 17.1 or 17.2.

Missing Out Journal App

One of the most eagerly awaited features that won’t be included in the initial update is the Journal app. This innovative tool allows users to create a comprehensive platform to capture their daily experiences and memories, going beyond simple text entries by incorporating photos, music and audio recordings. 

The app will even suggest tailored ideas based on the user’s recent device activity.

Music Collaboration – Expect Delays

Another feature that won’t be available right away is the Collaborative Playlists option for Apple Music subscribers. 

This functionality enables multiple users to work together to build and modify shared playlists, making the Apple Music experience more sociable and engaging.

AirDrop Beyond Range

The AirDrop service is also delayed from an upgrade standpoint and it will not be part of the 18 September update. Once the subsequent update is released later in 2023, AirDrop transfers will no longer be limited by physical proximity. 

Once signed into an iCloud account, both the sender and recipient can continue sharing content over the internet even after leaving AirDrop range.

More iOS 17 features to come

Additional iOS 17 features are expected to be unveiled later in 2023. According to MacRumors, these features encompass diverse functionalities, including the capacity to respond to messages with any sticker via the Tapback menu and the introduction of a “catch-up” arrow for group conversations within the Messages app.

While it may be disheartening that some of these highly anticipated features won’t be included in the initial iOS 17 release, Apple enthusiasts can still eagerly anticipate the forthcoming updates, which promise to bring a wealth of exciting enhancements despite a few initial omissions.

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