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It’s December 2020 and Apple has already dropped several new products via online events in the past couple of months. However, rumour has it that the company might announce one more product before the year ends.
MacRumors has obtained this information via an internal memo from a reliable source that Apple has informed its AppleCare service providers to gear up for an upcoming change on Tuesday, December 8 at around 5:30am PT (7:00 pm IST). The internal memo is addressed to AppleCare technicians and asks them to prepare for an upcoming new product SKUs, new/updated product descriptions and new/updated product pricing.
According to the MacRumors report, Apple released a similar memo for AppleCare before the launch of iPhone 12 and the time for that was 10 am PT which was also the time of the iPhone 12 event. Taking that into consideration, the company might hold an event to launch a new product on December 8 at 5:30am PT or silently launch a product via a press release just like it did with MacBook Pro and AirPods last year.
Although, it is still unclear what product Apple might launch at the event, but we can assume that it could be the Apple tile-like tracking device rumourly known as AirTags.

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