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Tech giant Apple has been made to compulsorily include the power adapter with the iPhone models sold in Sao Paolo, Brazil, as per a report by AppleInsider. The state consumer protection agency Procon-SP has compelled Apple to bundle the phone chargers with the iPhone 12 models if the customers request them, as per the report.
After France, Sao Paolo seems to be the only place in the world where Apple is going to include the charger with the iPhone 12 purchase.
Procon-SP, in a press release, stated that a charging brick is an “essential part” of using an iPhone or other such product that requires its use. It added that by not providing the charger with the new iPhones, Apple was in violation of the Brazilian Consumer Defense Code.
According to the report, Procon-SP was not satisfied with the reason Apple stated for not giving the charger with the new iPhones. The reason, that since most of the Apple consumers already possess iPhone chargers, not giving extra chargers to them would help cut back carbon emissions, did not seem to have sat well with the agency. It has reasoned that the American tech giant has not made it clear in its marketing why it was discontinuing bundling the power adapter with the new iPhones.
A similar case developed in France where Apple has been made to include the EarPods with the iPhone models. The company has announced in October that it would not be bundling the EarPods and the power adapters with its iPhones, saying that the decision would help the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

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