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Amid Uncertainty, It’s Important To De-risk Global Economy: Jaishankar


Amid Uncertainty, It’s Important To De-risk Global Economy: Jaishankar

In this era of volatility and uncertainty, it’s important to de-risk the global economy and yet to ensure that there is very responsible growth, said External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar on Tuesday. 

After the India-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) meeting, he said that both sides discussed issues related to resilient and reliable supply chains, trust and transparency in the digital domain. 

In fact, we today will have to focus on how to get the best out of a global talent pool in a knowledge economy, Jaishankar added. 

He added, “So during the course of the meeting one of our colleagues described this as a techade decade which is going to be shaped by technology.” 

The minister also stated that a joint effort has been to create a trusted collaboration so that we ensure that in this era with all its challenges globalisation remains strong, that we remain open economies; that we are able to forge ahead in various areas.

“We have three working groups that met today. We had a stakeholders consultation. And I think what was most important-we had a clear plan for and calendar for how we are going to go ahead,” he stated. 

Earlier, Jaishankar in his opening remarks said that this first meeting of the TTC is a significant milestone in the strategic partnership between India and the European Union. 

“We are obviously important partners for each other but what the TTC represents is a focus on key domains that are critical to both the global economy and global security,” he mentioned.

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