After Suvendu Adhikari, TMC minister Rajib Banerjee now speaks out against party

Days after rebel TMC MLA Suvendu Adhikari resigned from Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet, another Bengal minister has launched a veiled attack on the Trinamool Congress.

In an apparent jibe at his party leadership, Bengal forest minister Rajib Banerjee on Saturday said, “I really feel hurt when I see those who are corrupt, those that are dishonest being brought to the fore front just because they are sycophants, this is the era of sycophancy! Those who are capable, efficient are not getting what they deserve. This hurts me. Thus, at such times I feel I should come out and protest with the people.”

Rajib Banerjee, while speaking at a social event in south Kolkata, said those who seat in air conditioned chambers and “fool the people”, they are being promoted at various levels

“Those who seat in air conditioned chambers and fool the people, they are being promoted at various levels. And people like us who have worked efficiently have been left behind,” Rajib Banerjee said.

“Today, time is ripe to unite against those faces that are no more acceptable to the people people are no longer accepting such leaders at the forefront. So people have united to raise voice against them,” Banerjee said.

Rajib Banerjee’s comments come just a day after TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee’s dictum to put up a united face in the party.

“If we can all come together then I am confident, we shall be able to teach such persons a good lesson. When time is ripe, people will teach them what is right and what was wrong. You can fool the people sometime, but not forever,” he said.

Continuing his tirade, the MLA from Domjur constituency in Howrah said, “There are many who think politics is all about usurping power. But for me, politics is all about people. A lot of people have turned away from politics due to the entry of corrupt people. Today the youth has a wrong perception about politics.”

Renewing his pledge to serve the people irrespective of his political affiliation, Rajib Banerjee said, “I shall continue to work for the people, there may be political obstacles, hurdles but nothing can divert my focus to serve the people. No matter how difficult things get in the future I will never dessert the masses.”

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