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“A Crucial Countdown: Anupama’s Departure and CA’s Condition”


“A Crucial Countdown: Anupama’s Departure and CA’s Condition”

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Anuj is devastated by the condition of his daughter, Little Anu, who is in a state of shock. The doctor informs him that he gave Little Anu a hypnotic injection to make her sleep, but they can’t continue with this approach for long and need to bring her out of shock soon. Pakhi suggests that Anuj should call Anupama for help, but he refuses, not wanting to hinder her journey. Pakhi points out that Anupama’s flight is only seven hours away, and Gurumaa believes that these hours are crucial. Little Anu cries out for her mother in her sleep.

Meanwhile, Anupama arrives home, and Kanta informs her that she has packed all her belongings, except for the excess baggage. Anupama mentions that Bhairavi is at the Gurukul and intends to meet them directly at the airport with Nakul and Gurumaa. She goes to freshen up while Kanta and Bhavesh become emotional, realizing that Anupama will soon leave. Kanta receives a serious phone call, interrupting their thoughts.

Anuj, overcome with emotion, cries upon seeing Little Anu’s condition. He looks at his phone and walks away. Ankush asks where he is going. Meanwhile, Anupama gets ready and requests Kanta to serve her tea before her departure, as she only has three hours left. Leela offers her tea, stating that they came after obtaining Kanta’s permission. Kavya and Kinjal also arrive to give her a joyful send-off. Anupama mentions that she had a video call with Hasmukh and Samar, assuring everyone that they are important to her. The family expresses how much they will miss her and share some lighthearted moments. Anupama waits for Anuj’s call while enjoying the tea prepared by Leela.

Anuj, overwhelmed by Little Anu’s condition, breaks down. Ankush tries to comfort him, but Anuj expresses his helplessness, not knowing what to do if something happens to Little Anu. He has an anxiety attack and starts breaking things. Ankush and Adhik attempt to calm him down, suggesting that they should inform Anupama about Little Anu’s condition. However, Anuj refuses, not wanting to become a hindrance in Anupama’s path to success. Ankush questions who will take care of Little Anu then, to which Anuj responds that he will manage but will not impede Anupama’s success. Meanwhile, Anupama participates in a family puja and sings aarti, all the while worrying about Little Anu.

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