600mp camera: Samsung may be working on a 600MP camera sensor – Times of India

Tech giant Samsung is developing a 600-megapixel camera sensor, claims tipster IceUniverse. In a recent tweet, the tipster claimed that the South Korean technology company is “really doing 600MP sensors!”.
The base of the claim? The tipster shared the image with the tweet which may be a slide from a presentation or a part of some company document that says that Samsung is working on a 600MP sensor (an Isocell 600MP sensor) because the trend of 4K and 8K video recording is going to catch on. Development of a bigger camera sensor, something that retains the quality of the video even when zoomed, is expected to make 4K and 8K recording retain the video quality too. Here is the tweet.

A 600MP sensor is going to take more space on the smartphone and will protrude a bit too much too. Samsung seems to have reportedly taken that into account. As per the image shared with the tweet, “Isocell will evolve to solve the problem of the camera bump”. As of now, even if the company has started work on it, there is still some time before the sensor sees an actual launch on Samsung smartphones. Moreover, Samsung has not confirmed about its plans on developing a 600MP sensor.

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