1080p facetime calls: Apple adds 1080p FaceTime call support for older iPhone models – Times of India

Apple rolled out iOS 14.2 update for supported Apple iPhone models with a plethora of new features such as security fixes, performance enhancements, new wallpapers, emojis and more. But it didn’t mention anything about the 1080p FaceTime video calls support in the iOS 14.2 update changelog. MacMagazine noted that Apple has silently updated the comparison page of iPhone 8 and newer models with 1080p FaceTime call support from 720p earlier.
According to the comparison page, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 smartphones now support 1080p FaceTime video calls over Wi-Fi and 5G cellular connectivity. However, to be able to make 1080p FaceTime calls, both callers are supposed to have connected their compatible iPhone to a Wi-Fi connection or use 5G cellular network connection.
MacMagazine also mentioned that the difference in the quality between 720p calls and 1080p calls is quite an upgrade over the previous 720p calls on 4G cellular connectivity.
The reason why Apple decided not to include the feature in the update changelog of iOS 14.2. The only reason we can think of is the feature was earlier exclusive to iPhone 12 series which was recently launched and adding this feature will end the exclusivity for the newer iPhone models. Keeping all the speculation aside, the addition of 1080p FaceTime support is a nice little upgrade for users still using older iPhones.

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